Why You SHOULD Hire An Event Planner

May 8, 2018

"I don’t need to hire an event planner because..."

  • “I’m an organized person. I can plan my own wedding.”

  • “My assistant keeps everything in the office running smoothly and is detail oriented. They can handle managing our corporate event.”

  • “We are a non-profit. Our budget is tight. My team can put together our fundraiser.”


We hear this all the time and these may be true statements but let me tell you why hiring an event planner is a better choice:


 1: Time is valuable

Hiring an event planner will save you time. The average event takes anywhere from 40 hours to hundreds of hours; yes, really, hundreds of hours to plan. Researching vendors, getting quotes, setting meetings, creating and designing a theme, planning a menu, confirming vendors once they’re decided; the list goes on and on and on. Unless you have a dedicated person on your staff or in your life dedicated to planning your event, you and/or your team will have to cram those hours of planning into your already busy schedules.


2: Show me the money

 Yes, you will need to add the event planner fees into your budget but when we know your budget – we stick to it. We know if there is any wiggle room or a strict bottom line. In addition, because of the relationships we have developed with area vendors,we know who also wiggle room in their pricing and which vendor's pricing fits best with your event and will fit best with your budget without sacrificing quality service.


3: We know the vendors

Those cost-saving relationships your event planner has with vendors will also work in your favor in other ways. We work hard to make sure the vendors we turn to for their expertise and services are the best match for your event. Because when your vision becomes your our vision; our connections become yours, too. We know which florists and linen companies will make your event will look better; which AV company will make it sound better; what room layout will make it flow better; which caterer will make it taste better and that all means you and your guests will feel better before, during and after the event.



4: The Devil’s in the Details:

Do you have the right sound for your event? What about name tags and SWAG bags for your guests? Did I get invitations? Have they RSVP’d yet? What is your RSVP count for the caterer? How many drinks should you plan on? What time is the florist coming? Where are the trash cans? Is there recycling? What happens when those get full? Do I need coat check? What’s the wi-fi password? When do the linens arrive? What about the caterer? How do I make a layout for my venue? Even with a casual, small event, there are so many details to cover. We become the one-stop coordinator for all the noise and keep you in the loop throughout the planning process. We can set and attend vendor meetings, return phone calls, send emails. We create timelines and layouts, communicate to vendors when and where they need to be and for how long. We are on-site from beginning to end to meet the vendors, handle the set-up, manage all the moving parts during the event and ensure everything gets torn down and returned to its proper home after the event is over and everyone has gone home.



5. You get to enjoy your event

Planning an event on your own can be a very stressful time. The moment you hire an event planner, you can relax because we monitor the event from start to finish so you can focus on your important things leading up to and on event day.


  • If you’re getting married, that means you, your family and friends get to focus on celebrating the beginning of this new chapter in your life.

  • If you are planning a corporate event, you get to focus on ensuring your employees get the team building time they need or that you also get to enjoy the speakers you brought in for your workshop or woo that new client you’re trying to impress.

  • If you’re planning a fundraiser, this means that you can talk to your existing supporters and meet potential donors, talk to those your cause is helping and reap the rewards of the hard work you put into every day in the office.

  • AND perhaps most important of all, you get to eat some of that amazing food while it’s still hot and drink one of those specialty drinks before it’s watered down, all while you enjoy your event!



During our initial meetings, we will tell potential clients that by the time the event is over we want you to wonder why you hired us in the first place. Yes, we get some funny looks after that statement but here’s the reason we want that: We want to eliminate the stresses of event planning leading up to your event. We want you to enjoy your event without knowing that there was a leak in the ceiling from a rain storm, or your cake wasn’t delivered until 10 minutes before you arrived or that your groom didn’t have pants to wear 2 hours before you walked down the aisle (you laugh…. but it happened. And the couple was happily married, on time, her in a beautiful gown and he, was indeed, wearing pants that completed his custom-made suit impeccably; and the bride had no idea about the missing pants until they were tucked away on their honeymoon.) Of course, our number one objective is for you and your guests to walk away from your event feeling 100% satisfied with the way it was planned and executed. 

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